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Tachikawa High Application: Haruki Senri by BlackTwin-Shiro Tachikawa High Application: Haruki Senri by BlackTwin-Shiro
EDIT: I got in!! Please take care of him!! *bows*

Senri: "Nice to meet you…."


(After thinking for a long time, I've finally decided to try this application 8'D I've been having this OC for quite a while now but I didn't dare to join… orz)

This application is for the RPG group :icontachikawa-high:

Name: Haruki Senri 

Nickname: Haru or Hakki (sometimes called by classmates), Sen (by sister), Arutos (internet name)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: unsure??? (but apparently attracted to fictional characters)

Age: 16

Grade: 1

Height: 168 cm

Day of Birth: 5th May

Blood Type: O

Dormitory: Tamagawa

Club: Art 


+  Video Games and Internet

+  Drawing 

+ Traditional stuff (old teacups, music, yukatas, shrines, Japanese history etc.)

+  Manga / Anime

+  Fictional characters

+ Pudding


- Sports or outside activities in general

- Deadlines

- Sunlight

- Trains (he gets dizzy really fast!)

- Amusement parks


If it comes to things other than video games, drawing or anime/manga, Senri becomes very uninterested, making it hard for people with different interests to talk to him. It's either people avoiding him or vice versa which is no problem to Senri at all.

Passive / Lazy: When it comes to outside activities. He doesn't like to do things which take much effort except for drawing. If people call him lazy, he gets a bit offended and tells them he's working hard on his doujinshis. His parents and sister often comment on his laziness. 

He also barely leaves the house, even if he's hungry (and there's no food at home), he refuses to go outside but rather calls the pizza delivery to bring him food. And if he's late for the train, he won't run. He'll just walk normally and take the next train like nothing happened. 

Unathletic: Senri is VERY BAD at sports, people say that no one ever saw him running. He says himself that even if there's danger, he's not going to run. He's just going to stick his head into the ground or play dead. 

Patient: Despite disliking too noisy people, Senri is very calm. He rarely shows any anger and people often question if he can get mad at people even if he's annoyed. Senri often stays calm in many situations and doesn't make a fuss about anything. His patient is probably one of things people appreciate about him. 

Polite / kind: Senri often appears to be very moody since he dislikes being in public, rarely seen talking or interacting with other people. In reality, he's just a kind and polite guy (and a bit awkward).

Once talked to him, people realize that he can get passionate over his favorite fictional characters. 

He seems to have taken a liking to traditional things (like Japanese tea ceremony and history)  and is therefore very conservative to Japanese culture. 

Reliable: Even though he doesn't look like it but Senri is very reliable. Whenever if it's a friend or even a stranger, Senri would help anyone if they're in trouble. 


Senri was born in a caring family, consisting of his father (college professor for archaeology), mother (beauty specialist), older sister (currently traveling around the world) and himself. 

His life was pretty normal and he also played outside as a kid. He often spent his childhood in a small village, where his grandmother lived. She would often tell him about traditional stuff or Japanese history and Senri enjoyed the peaceful and quiet atmosphere there. 

When Senri turned 10, the family moved to the city and his parents got busier with work, often leaving him alone with his 6 years older sister. 

At the age of 14, he "discovered" the virtual world and started to play online video games, using his internet name "Arutos". He also found his love for Anime and Manga not long after that. 

Senri eventually started to distance himself from the outside world, worrying his parents. But they pretty much accepted it since he's not bad at school and does "his duties" as a good and polite son. 

However, his friends and classmates didn't see it that way and began to ignore him, saying they didn't want to have anything to do with weird otakus. For the rest of his middle school years, Senri spend his time being "the loner" but it didn't let him down since he wanted to focus on his doujinshis and hobbies. Even though being antisocial, Senri doesn't dislike people.  He just dislikes being around to many of them. 

During summer, he spent his time like every other breaks: staying at home all day. 

He visited his grandmother in the last week of summer break though. After talking about various things and especially his future, Senri told her that his parents wanted him to go to Tachikawa High and everything was decided already. Asking him if it was okay, he told her that he's fine with all of his parent's decisions. Like that, he doesn't need effort to decide things on his own. 

Additional Info:

- He barely leaves his room, in fact, only leaves the house if he has to go to school (he prefers staying in his room all day, playing video games, watching anime, reading or drawing manga).

- He loves his grandmother the most (he loves old people in general) 

- He always carries his 3DS and headphones around

- Senri is an anime fan and calls himself a doujinshi artist as he draws his favorite characters.
    (he's in the Kagero Project, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica & Fate Zero Fandoms)

- He's a hikkikomori (recluse/shut-in)

- He has crazy bed hair every morning

- People often get confused about his name since both Senri and Haruki could be surnames/given names


- "My fictional crushes are so important!"

- "Sunlight burns so much, do I really have to go outside?"

- "Do I really have to leave my room?"


- Fuuko-chan (virtual girlfriend)

Feel free to rp with me via notes or Skype (obviously I'd have less time during school time, especially if I have an upcoming deadline at work too)! Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2]   
He sounds really antisocial I know but I try real hard to make my son open up to other people (yes i am his real father he's my bby son).

EDIT: I just noticed that Senri has the same drawing/notebock as :iconnechii:'s OC Clem

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Firedropp Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So adorable~~ we should rp //bricked// >3<
BlackTwin-Shiro Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! Yes of course! I don't mind ^^
Firedropp Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you prefer skype or notes? ^.^
BlackTwin-Shiro Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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BlackTwin-Shiro Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SilverRubberDucky Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
omg he's so cute---
congrats on getting in!! uwu hopefully we can rp with each other sometime! ;; u ;;
BlackTwin-Shiro Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you~! > u <  Congrats to you too!
Your character is cute as well! *A* Of course we can, I'd be glad if we could! ^ o ^)/
SilverRubberDucky Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! Feel free to note me or ask for my skype if you'd like whenever you're up for it! ^u^)/
BlackTwin-Shiro Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Then may I ask for your Skype? OuO
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